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Manufacturer and merchant on the European market for profiles used in dry-lining, plastering and rendering as well as for edging beads, solutions for junctions, movement joints and finishes to facades. The application of the assortment includes the protection of plasterboard in dry-lining, exact plastering work in interior and exterior rendering as well as the accessory components for exterior wall thermal insulation systems (EIFS / ETICS).


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2500 x 600mm Galv Sheets of Riblath


€3.26 Including VAT

Riblath Material: Galvanized Mild Steel DX51D+Z275 to EN10346:2015 Coating/Finish/Colour: 275g/m² Zinc Coating Length 1/Projection: 2500mm Length 2/height: 8mm Width/Wing Length: 600mm Plaster/Render/Joist depth: 13mm+ Plaster Dep..

VWS Corner Bead Aluminium 0102000001 50PK


€37.67 Including VAT

Advantages: reinforces corner allows to obtain even and aesthetic edges..

9MM Window Trimming Reveal Bead 6440000006 30PK


€45.67 Including VAT

Application: for making expansion joints between the window frame and structural plaster Functional properties: – No cracks at the interface between the window frame and plaster – No water ingress into thermal cladding on the s..

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